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Run by a group of professionals in the extruder industry, Nanjing Jieya Extrusion Equipment

Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred as Jieya) is a professional designer and producer of single-screw

extruders, co-rotating twin-screw compounding and extruding sets and auxiliaries; besides,

we also provide turn-key project services. 

We have state-of-the-art design and outstanding professionals who are young, vigorous and

experienced. At Jieya, technological innovation and strict quality control are highly appreciated. 

  • 2004

    the year company was founded

  • 17

    15 years of development

  • 350

    Annual production and sales of more than 350 sets

  • 19000

    Modern industrial park

  • SHJ-50 Twin Screw Explosion-proof Extruder

    JY133-180 Two Stage Compounding Extruder with Water Ring Die Face Cutting

    SHJ-92 Twin Screw Explosion-Proof Extruder

    HT-36 High Torque Twin Screw Extruder with Siemens PLC control

    Air Cooling Strand Pelletizing for Bio-degradable Material

    UW500 Underwater Pelletizing System for Thermoplastic Elastomer

    UW1000 Underwater Pelletizing for Hot Melt Adhesive

    UW100 Underwater Pelletizing System

    HT-95 High Torque Twin Screw Extruder for PET Bottle Flakes Recycling

    SHJ-133 Twin Screw Extruder for Silicone Rubber

    Two Stage Devolatilization Extruder

    UW100 Underwater Pelletizing System

    LQ-500 CE Qualified Gantry Type Strand Pelletizer

    High Accuracy Twin Screw Loss-in-weight Metering Feeder

    Customized Feeder

    Liquid Metering Feeding System



    Labour Day 2022
    2022-04-30 11:15
    Daily Maintenance on Twin Screw Compounding Extruder
    Working Principle of Twin Screw Extruders
    The Postponement of 2022 Chinaplas Held in Shanghai


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