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Underwater Pelletizing Line

◆ Self-design ◆ Self-made
◆ CE & ISO9001 ◆ Competitive price
◆ 15+ Years Experience ◆ 12 months warranty
Suitable for TPU, TPV, TPE and other thermoplastic elastomer.
Product Description
1. Metering feeding system 2. The raw materials warehouse 3. The mixing head 4. The host 5. To drive valve 6. Replace the device 7. Underwater particle cutter 8. Centrifugal dehydrator 9. The first vibration 10. Finished goods warehouse
Low strong narrow continual distribution of heat and mass transfer ability, high heat transfer and diffusion than the surface, to continue the operation way, the viscous. High temperature condition such as harsh reaction system with unique advantages, PUR, PA, POM, PEI (polyether imide ", PC, PMMA, PBT, PS and so on continuous polymerization and reactive extrusion dynamic vulcanization, crosslinking, grafting, chain extension reaction extrusion, etc.


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