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UW500 Underwater Pelletizing System for Thermoplastic Elastomer

Product Description

UW500 Underwater Pelletizing System for Thermoplastic Elastomer

Consist of:
1.1 Drive valve
Adopt the nitriding steel (38CrMoAlA), nitriding treatment;
At 90 degrees for material flow structure;
Hydraulic drive;
The electromagnetic directional valve control;
A temperature control point
1.2 Die head
Die head material:High wear-resisting material (WC system,);
Heating: high-power electromagnetic heating;
The nose body material for stainless steel material;
Water chamber for stainless steel welded structure;
This device including head heating junction box;
A temperature control point
With the wheels, the device is convenient for disassembly and moving.
1.3 Pelletizing unit
Motor: 5.5KW
Adopting Delta/British CT inverter
Cutter adopts new compensation structure, 
with the vacuum quenching treatment.
Tool holder material: Stainless steel; Cutter structure: Straight knife; Connect structure: Universal joint.
Cutter adjustment : mechanical, ; mechanical efficient seal;
Connected to the head water chamber part: Quick opening fixture structure, 
O-rings seal;
The device equipped with guide rail, mobile vehicles, with damping device.
1.4 Bypass line (pneumatic valve)
Equipped with the pneumatic directional valve;
Pipe material: Stainless steel;
Connection parts adopt quick-opening structure;
Piping containing glass observation window. 
1.5 Centrifugal dehydrator
Motor: 11KW 
Discharging position with stainless steel cyclone separator;;
Filter: Quick open structure, convenient clean and disassembly.


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