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UW1000 Underwater Pelletizing for Hot Melt Adhesive

Product Description

Fully Automatic Twin Screw Extruder with Underwater Pelletizing for Hot Melt Adhesive


1. Start up valve 
Main body material: Nitrided steel 38CrMoAlA  
Hydraulic drive and solenoid valve control
Melt temperature indicator
Melt pressure indicator
Control panel
Upstream transition
Downstream transition
2. Die device  
Die material: hard alloy
Heating method: electric heating
Water chamber structure: stainless steel welding 
Including heating stick electric wire joint box
Motor: Siemens motor  
Motor power: 4kw AC
Motor rotary speed: 2900rpm
Motor speed control: Siemens transducer 
Cutter material: high wearing capacity special material 
O type ring sealing
Transmitted shaft: NSK product (Japan)
Equipped with guild track and movable trolley
4. Pneumatic valve  
Valve: USA product Sanford
Pipe material: stainless steel
Connection: quick open style
Equipped with sight glass for checking
5. Water tank and heating system   
Heating method: electrify  
Temperature control: PID parameter
Equipped with heat exchanger  
Mass size separate device  
Material: stainless steel
6. Centrifugal dewaterer  
Power: 11kw
Equipped with stainless steel cyclone
7. Vibrating sieve 
Model: 1000 series  
Capacity: 1000kg/h
Quantity: 1set
8. Hydraulic station control system  
Working for start up valve  
Equipped with solenoid valve 
9. Electric control system   
Control cabinet separate from the main control system  
PLC control
Running model: manual and automatic 
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